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5" Custom Sheath


I love the sheath I got for my CRKT knife. Its an awesome sheath, fits tight, positive click when inserted, no wiggle or noise. The reason I gave is 4 stars not 5 was because the inside the waistband strap i got is EXTREMELY hard to snap and unsnap. I'm not a small dude and i still have yet to get it unsnapped. But it's not too big of an issue because I just have to feed my belt through it. I imagine if i were to ask i would be able to send it back for a new one but i don't want to pay the shipping fee and not be able to use the sheath for that long. But overall it's an incredible sheath! A little side note, i got the glock 19 holster with an xc1 light and that is also awesome!
Date Added: 12/09/2016 by Jared Titus
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