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Hello, and Thank You For Visiting !,

We are constantly in the process of adding new products to the site for our customers. Currently. we are only taking orders online for accessories, sheaths, and holsters that have been listed online thus far. If an item is shown as "coming soon", you can still pre-order to secure your place in line, but please make note of expected arrival dates, and current lead times for making your custom item. If you require something not listed yet, please contact customer service and we will do our best to accommodate. You can get in touch via the chat below in orange, the "Contact Us" form under "Info" at the top of the page, or as always, give a call.

A courteous and helpful associate would be happy to help.

Thanks again,

The Cleveland Kydex Team!

CURRENT SHOP TURNAROUND - The shop is currently running 15 days behind scheduled lead times.

(If lead times change during high volume periods, those updates will be posted here. Thank you.)


The Cleveland Kydex Company Has Moved To Our New Facility!

We have completed the move to our new, expanded facility. This will allow us to offer even faster turnaround times, an increased product selection, and lower overall cost to you, our customer! The lower pricing can already been seen within our holster and sheath selections!! We have been able to keep our previous location running in tandem with our new expanded location in an effort to minimize impact to our current order queue. We apologize for this small inconvenience while we work to make your shopping experience even faster, more customized, and as always, repeatable.


Mr. D.W. writes - Customer service like what I experienced from you unfortunately is not a common experience anymore. It was more than I would have expected except from a personal friend. You should be commended. ... I own several other knives that I am thinking about getting Kydex sheaths for and when I do it will be Cleveland Kydex!

CKC Response - Hello Mr. ******** , Thank you very much for the kind words sir. Thank you as well for taking the time to write them... ctd.


Mr. W. writes - Just received my 5th sheath from CKC as well as a mag holder for a .45 ACP single stack. Like the other products I purchased from CKC these were high quality, over engineered and priced below their true value. I was especially impressed with the mag holder. It was adjustable for tension release as well as belt width and height. I've seen several models of mag holders from various companies, none of which compare in design or adaptability to the CKC mag holder. As far as I'm concerned, I will never have to scour the net for any of my future holster, sheath or mag holder products. Thanks again CKC.


Mr. J.B. writes - This will be my second sheath from you folks and I have no doubt it will be just as amazing! Thank you!


Mr. B. writes - I received the sheath for my Kershaw Diskin Hunter today and it is far superior to the original sheath it came with. It will make a excellent addition to my hunting and camping gear. Can't wait to try it in the field. Thanks!

CKC Response - Mr. ***** Thank you sir. It is our pleasure. I will let the back shop know.


Mr. G. From Ohio writes - Hi. I received my holster and am EXTREMELY satisfied with it!!! Man, that is some great quality. I am a retired ********, Ohio police officer (up by you) and have carried guns for over 40-years. Your holster is the best I have ever had. I will be ordering another holster for my 1911 and my buddy and I have two knives we will be needing sheaths for.

CKC Response - Mr. ***** Our pleasure sir. Thank you for the kind words. I will let the back shop know. We love hearing from our customers.


**Undisclosed** Writes - Hi, i just received my order today, I wanted to say thank you its awesome... I can appreciate the effort required to make something so unique, i've held it all different angles and it doesn't budge... couldn't have hoped for more to be honest, very excited to take it out in the woods, I was very pleased with the patterning, the website doesn't do it justice....ctd.

CKC Response - Mr. **********, Very good news. I will definitely pass it along to everyone. I know they enjoyed making it. Such a unique piece, and the blade as well....ctd.


Mr. WS from SC writes - Received my 1st Kydex holster today (for my M11 A1). All I can say is WOW!. Will order Mag holder Monday. Thank you.

CKC Response - Mr. ******, Thank you sir. All that we can hope is that we have earned you as a customer sir. Your appreciation of our work is icing on the cake sir. I will pass it along to the shop. Again, thank you, and we hope that it is enjoyed.


Mr. JF From **Undisclosed** Writes - Hello, I am a 1SG with the **th Special Forces Group in Afghanistan and I am trying to order one of your holsters. Do you ship to APO Address. I purchased one of your holsters before I left for my 1911 and I love it. Now I would like to get one for my M9 I am carrying over here...ctd.

CKC Response - Hello Mr. ********, We are honored sir. It is always great to hear that your work is appreciated. As you know, all of our work is hand made, and our guys actually remember all of the stuff that goes through our shop, believe it or not, so thank you for the compliment...ctd.


**Undisclosed** Writes - Thanks got one of your holsters for Christmas - I love it. A purple haze. for my M&P left handed - it's soo cool - my bff got a pink one. Oh yeah its great my boyfriend the NRA instructor really liked it.

CKC Response - Thank you very much for the compliment. We are very proud of it. I will pass it along to the shop so they know as well.

NEW! ! ! - Blade Guard and Blade Guard XL Axe Sheaths!

SALE ! - Winter is coming. Time to make some memories. Up to 20% off all sheaths and holsters! Just in time for holiday shopping ! !

Have a model of blade that you would like us to stock? Let us know!

Buck Reaper Added ! - Buck Reaper added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

SIG P250 Sub Compact Nitron - Added to quick ship holster selection!

Schrade SCHF26 and SCHF27 - Added to Quick Ship Knife Sheath Inventory!

Ka-Bar Warthog ! - Ka-Bar Warthog added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

Kershaw Field Knife Added (1082) ! - Added to Quick Ship Sheath Inventory!

Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife Added! - Added to Quick Ship Sheath Inventory!

NEW HOLSTER ADDED! - Quick Ship Custom Holster OWB (High Guard) ! ! !

SOG Tsunami Added! - SOG Tsunami added to Quick Ship sheath section!

SOG Knives! - The following models have been added - SOG Field Pup!, SOG Fixation Dagger!, SOG Fixation Bowie!, SOG Seal Team!!, SOG Seal Team Elite!!!.

Kershaw Echo Added! - Kershaw Echo added to Quick Ship sheath section!

SOG Fasthawk Tactical Tomahawk (F06TN-CP)! - SOG Fasthawk Tactical Tomahawk added to quick ship axe sheaths!

Benchmade Nimvarus ! - Benchmade Nimvarus added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

Benchmade Added ! - New Benchmade Quick Ship knife sheath section! Many models on the way!

Ka-Bar USMC Short - Ka-Bar USMC Short added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

Ka-Bar Mark 1 - Ka-Bar Mark 1 added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife - Ka-Bar USMC Full Size Fighting Knife added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

Ontario SP46 - Ontario SP-46 added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

Ka-Bar BK10 - Ka-Bar BK-10 added to Quick Ship knife sheath inventory!

SOG Tactical Tomahawk (F01TN-CP)! - SOG Tactical Tomahawk added to quick ship axe sheaths!

NEW US Made Paracord! - Paracord selection has been expanded to include over 400 new options! Create that perfect bracelet, lanyard to compliment your new sheath, lashing for your pouch etc. !!!

Fenix - New Fenix models added to quick ship flashlight carrier inventory. Fenix PD35 (2014 Edition), PD12, PD35, PD32 (Ultimate Edition), PD22, LD10 R5, LD01, E05 (2014 Edition), E20 (2014 Edition), E25 (XP-E2), E12, E35 Ultimate Edition, E35, E25, E21, E15, E11, E05, E01 !

MAGlite ! - MAGlite added to Quick Ship inventory!! New MAGlite models in stock! MAGlite XL50, XL100, XL200, Mag-Tac (Plain Bezel), Mag-Tac (Crowned Bezel) !

Gerber Big Rock and Gerber LMF II - Gerber Big Rock and Gerber LMF II added to Quick Ship inventory!

Gerber Added! - New Gerber Quick Ship section added to knife sheaths!

The following lights have been added to the Flashlight Carrier Quick Ship section - Surefire - 6P G2L, Surefire - P2X Fury, Surefire - A2L Aviator / LX2, Surefire - E1B, Surefire - E2D LED, Surefire - E1D, Fenix - LD09, Fenix - LD02, Fenix - LD41 -XM-L2 (U2), Fenix - LD41, Fenix - LD22, Fenix - LD20 R5, Fenix - LD15, Fenix - LD12, Fenix - PD32, Lawman - R1, Streamlight - Strion

CKC Flashlight Carrier Quick Ship Section Added !! - Many models of flashlights in stock. With Quick Ship, there is no need to send in your flashlight in order to have your new carrier made.

New! CKC Flashlight Carriers Online !! - Need a flashlight carrier? Any model. Bezel up, or bezel down. Your choice of over 30 colors and prints. Your choice of rivet color options.

NEW! ! ! Blade Guard and Blade Guard XL Axe Sheaths! - New options added to quick ship and custom axe sheath sections. Introducing the new Blade Guard and Blade Guard XL!

Ontario Ranger Shiv - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

Rivet Color Option! - ALL Items can now be customized even further with your choice of over 20 colors of Rivets/Eyelets!

Kershaw Added! - New Quick Ship Section added to quick ship sheaths. New Kershaw Models in stock! More on the way!

The Following Models Have Been Added To The Holster Selection - KAHR - CW9, Para Ordnance - 1911 w/Rail (5in), Remington - R51, S&W - Bodyguard 380 (No Laser), S&W - Governor , SIG - P227, SIG - P290 (w/Laser), SIG - P2340 9/40, SIG - SP 2022 (Gen 2), Walther - PPQ M2, KAHR - CM9, FN Herstal - FNX 45, H&K - P2000SK, Bersa - Thunder Pro 9cc

Ka-Bar Big Brother - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

Surefire, Crimson Trace, Veridian, Inforce, and Glock Added to Inventory - Sidearm lighting/lasers added to custom holster lineup! Surefire x200, x300, x300 Ultra, x400 Ultra, Inforce APL, Crimson Trace Railmaster (CMR-202), Glock Light GTL 10/11, Veridian CTL, C5L, X5L

Ontario, SOG, and Estwing Added! - New Quick Ship Sections added to quick ship axe sheaths. New Ontario, SOG, and Estwing Models in stock! Too many to list!!

CRKT Kangee T-Hawk Added! - CRKT 2725 Kangee T-Hawk Tomahawk With Spike added to quick ship axe sheaths!

CRKT Added! - New CRKT Section added to quick ship axe sheaths. New CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk Models in stock!

Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

FN Herstal - FNS 9/40, and FN 5.7 MK2 added to holster section.

Accessory Pouches! - Maxpedition sheath accessory pouches available in accessory section!

100% American Made Paracord - Genuine Made in USA Paracord added to accessory section!

Ontario Spec Plus Gen II SP47 - Added to Quick Ship inventory!

SOG Knives! - SOG knives have been added to our Quick-Ship inventory! The following models have been added - SOG Seal Pup, SOG Seal Pup Elite, SOG NW Ranger.

Kukris Added! - Ontario Kukri, Ka-Bar Kukri, Ka-Bar Combat Kukri added to Quick Ship Section!

Glock 42 - Added to Holster Section!

Cold Steel SRK - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

Mora Knives! - Mora Knives have been added to our quick ship inventory! The following models have been added - Mora 748, Mora 749, Mora Bushcraft Black, Mora Classic 1, Mora Classic 2, Mora Classic 2/0, Mora Classic 3, Mora Classic 611, Mora Classic 612, Mora Classic Scout 39, Mora Companion, Mora Companion Heavy Duty, Mora Companion Rescue, Mora Craftline High Q Robust, Mora Craftline Q 511, Mora Craftline Q 546, Mora Light My Fire, Mora Outdoor 2000, Mora Outdoor 2010

Schrade SCHF13 and SCHF14 - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

Ontario Spec Plus Gen II SP43 - Added to Quick Ship Inventory!

The Following Models Have Been Added To The Holster Selection - Walther - PPX, Springfield - 1911 3 inch, SIG - 1911 w/Rail 5 inch, SIG - 1911 5 inch, SIG - 1911 3.3 inch, Ruger - SR40 Compact, Boberg - XR9S

Custom Multitool Carriers Added!

Cold Steel Trailmaster and Cold Steel Recon Scout - added to quick ship inventory!

Ontario Ranger Bush Series added to Quick Ship inventory! - Ontario Ranger RBS4,6,7,9, and Afghan added to existing Ontario Quick Ship lineup!

ESEE Knives Lineup added to Quick Ship inventory! - We now stock almost the entire line of ESEE brand knives in our Quick Ship Section. No need to send yours in! ESEE Izula, ESEE Candiru, ESEE 3, ESEE 4, ESEE 5, ESEE 6, ESEE Junglas ! ! !

New Slimline Option Added To ALL Quick Ship Sheaths! - Now any QuickShip can be ordered Traditional or Slimline!

NEW Slimline Sheaths! - Brand new Slimline Sheaths available in custom sheath section!

OWB Cant Options Available! - Choose from Neutral Zero Degree, Forward 10, or Forward Plus 15 Degree

Custom Axe Sheath Section Online! - Hatchet, Axe, Tomahawk, no problem. Universal mounting, One Handed Deployment, Lifetime warranty.

Quick-Ship Axe Sheaths - New Quick Ship Axe Sheath section is online, and we have added many popular models. Fiskars, Gerber, more on the way! With Quick Ship, you don't have to ship yours to us!

Many New Holster Models In Stock -Taurus - PT 111/140, Taurus - 738, Springfield - XDM 9/40 5.25 inch, Springfield - XD 45 5 inch, Springfield - XD 9/40 5 inch, Seecamp - LWS 32, S&W - SD 9mm VE, S&W - M&P Pro 9/40 5 inch, Kimber - 1911 5 inch, Diamondback - 9mm, CZ - SP01

Chiappa Rhino AND Ruger SR-22 - NEW HOLSTER models in stock!

NEW Custom Holster AND Quick Ship Holster Sections! - All available preconfigured Holsters are in Quick Ship holsters - New Custom Holsters allow you to customize lighting and lasers!

CZ - New CZ Models added to holster lineup!

Streamlight Added to Inventory - Entire line-up of Streamlight sidearm lighting/lasers added to custom holster lineup!

NEW COLOR - NAVY DIGITAL - New color Navy Digital added to all items!

BUCK Knives - Buck Hoodlum, and more Buck knives, added to Quick Ship blade inventory.

Springfield Operator A1 - Springfield Operator A1 (Railed) 1911 added to holster lineup!

Beretta PX4 Storm - PX4 Storm 40,45, and 9mm sub compact added to holster lineup!

Magazine Carriers Online! - Rifle and Pistol Magazine Carriers added to online store! More models on the way!

Glock 36 - Glock 36 added to holster lineup!

Kimber Solo - Kimber Solo added to holster lineup!

OWB Holsters Added - OWB Holsters now online!

NEW Quick Ship Blades Added - Check out our expanded inventory of blades. With Quick Ship, you don't have to ship yours to us!

1911s ADDED - 1911 IWB and OWB Holsters Available!

FREE SHIPPING - Orders over 100.00 ship FREE

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