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IWB Conversion Kit - CLIP/OWB Holster Soft Loop IWB Conv. Kit

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CLIP/OWB Holster Soft Loop IWB Conversion Kit

Add security with redundant Pull The Dot IWB Soft Loops. These loops replace the standard IWB CLIP (Or OWB HD-Belt Loops), tucking under belt, and coming back up to snap onto themselves.

This kit is a replacement for the standard belt clip on all of our CLIP holsters and will accommodate up to a 1.75" belt (User Adjustable for Size). It is also used to convert OWB Holster (Bent Wing, and Contour) for IWB Use (Mounting to top hole on either side at front of holster).

This kit contains all the hardware you need to switch from our standard belt clip to TWO (2) ultra secure Pull-The-Dot Belt Loops. (2 Soft Belt Loops, 2 Male Snaps, 2 Posts, 2 Screws)

1 - Simply feed the posts through the CLIP holes of the holster (top holes, at front, on either side of OWB Holster)

2 - Select which belt size you need using the 3 measurement holes on the loop

3 - Then secure it all down with the button fastener, and screws, the kit comes with. Support can help via email or chat if any assistance is desired.

Adjustable cant remains for CLIP Holster- Simply adjust the desired position of the one loop to desired cant position.

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