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Traditional Single Pistol Magazine Carrier

  • Model: ckctspmc

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Product Features

  • Handmade Custom Crafted Pistol Magazine Carrier.

  • Enlarged opening for easier mag insertion and removal.

  • Tension adjustment screw located at top of carrier. Facilitates precise tension adjustment. Adjust for competition use, or duty carry.

  • Solid lockup. You know its locked in tight, and will stay locked in. No matter what obstacles are in your way.

  • Rugged Kydex Exterior. Impervious to weather.

  • Universally spaced rivets for mounting various options. IWB Belt Loop compatible, Hard Belt Loops standard. Strong or weak side carry (Bullets facing forward or rearward).

  • Choice of over 60 different colors and finishes.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, and a Lifetime Warranty ensure your new magazine carrier will serve you for a lifetime. Warranty is transferrable.

The CKC original. Our rugged custom kydex magazine carrier. Our Pistol mag carrier features a minimalist design. Retention of the magazine can be fine tuned using the tension adjustment system located at the top of the carrier. Spacing of the fasteners is standard so that you can change from a belt loop option, to an IWB option for concealed carry. The hardware can also be changed from side to side to accommodate either right or left hand carry as your needs might change given your desired load out (Bullets facing forward or rearward). Available mounting hardware located in accessories section.

*All magazine carriers come with our standard rugged belt loops included by default. Alternate mounting can be chosen from the drop down menu while configuring. Inside the waistband soft loops shown in picture is to show universal mounting options. IWB Loops, and other attachments can be purchased in the accessories sections, and allows you to turn one carrier into many.

*Magazine carriers will retain the same design regardless of magazine type. Product images provided to illustrate design of carrier. Have a magazine not listed? Contact customer service. You could always send in a mag for us to make a custom fitted carrier for you! This is a very popular option with competition shooters.

*FAQ – Magazine Carrier – Orientation – Rounds Left Rounds Right?

How do I order?

1 Choose the mag carrier.

2 Choose desired mag carrier color and accessories.

3 Thats it! We will begin hand crafting your new mag carrier. We will send you an email notifying you as soon as your item or items ship!



Length Size and dimensions will only change for specific magazines. Product illustrations show typical dimensions for magazines that we carry in stock.

Lifetime warranty. Warranty is transferrable if unit is sold.

Material Rugged Kydex. Weather resistant aircraft grade. Rockwell hardness 94.

Weight Weight will vary due to magazine dimension variances.

Magazine Carrier Includes:

Carry Right or Left Handed with user changeout of mounting hardware (Bullets facing forward or rearward). Can also be mounted Inside the waistband (Using our IWB Soft Belt Loops), or other locations with use of accessories available from our accessories section.

Magazine Carrier.

Belt Loops (Additional accessories available in accessories section)

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