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Custom Light Bearing Holster - CLIP IWB High Guard

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Product Features

  • Concealed Carry - Inside The Waistband (IWB) Light Bearing. Handmade Custom Crafted Holster. Specifically fit to your model sidearm.

  • Choose from our stock of available rail accessory options, OR choose to send yours in! Very useful for rare or hard to find lights/lasers.

  • CLIP IWB Retention System - STEEL or POLYMER Belt clip.

  • Adjustable Cant

  • Rugged Kydex Exterior. Impervious to moisture.

  • Solid lockup. Fast draw. Our holsters offer a positive click when holstering. You know its locked in tight, and will stay locked in. No matter what obstacles are in your way.

  • Strong or weak side carry. - Can be carried in any position Inside The Waistband (Appendix Carry, 3, 6, 9 O'Clock).

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, and a Lifetime Warranty ensure your new holster will serve you for a lifetime. Warranty is transferrable.

  • Choice of over 50 different colors and finishes.

IWB (Inside The Waistband) Light Bearing Holster - CLIP IWB Retention System

Available in Standard, HIGH Guard, and FULL Guard.

This is THE CKC custom CLIP IWB Light Bearing Holster, We have evolved "The Minimalist", ultra-concealable IWB, holster through the input of our customers. Now available with CLIP STEEL Retention System. Choose your color of holster, and your choice of hardware for a completely original and unique holster. All holsters are handmade, and hand finished, when you order. Edges are finished by hand, and polished to a mirror finish, to ensure no "hot spots", nothing to snag. Fit and finish is what you have come to expect from us.

CLIP Retention System- Every new CLIP IWB holster comes complete with the IWB CLIP Retention System. All change-outs of accessories can be performed by the customer, with a screwdriver (blue thread lock recommended upon completion). Strong or weak side carry (holster can be carried at any position inside the waistband - holster cant can be adjusted)! Please use blue thread-lock on your hardware, once you've adjusted the holster to your specific carry preference. This allows you to dial it in, and lock it in.

RAIL ACCESSORY - Light/Laser - Choose from our stock of available lighting options, OR choose to send yours in! Custom light bearing holsters allow you to send in your light/laser for making your new holster (Very useful for rare or hard to find lights/lasers). Instructions provided in Order Confirmation Email.

Tired of the normal black or grey holster? You choose your colors, the print. When it's not being concealed, it's on the counter, on the night stand, why not have a holster that accentuates your sense of style and the weapon that you choose to carry! Don't be limited, any color, same price. Period.

CKC Custom. It makes a statement.

*Note - All CLIP holsters currently have a turnaround of ONE (1) business days. Any shop backlog due to high order volume posted on top of front page.*

How do I order?

1 Choose The Appropriate Sidearm that the holster is for.

2 Choose Desired Rail Mounted (Light/Laser) Accessory (Or choose to send yours in!)

3 Choose desired holster color and accessories.

4 Thats it! Please note the current manufacturing times as we do make each and every holster, by hand, when you order it. Don't wait weeks or even months for your new holster. Current turn around times are 1 business days (24 hours).



Material Rugged Kydex. Weather resistant aircraft grade. Rockwell hardness 94.

Lifetime warranty. Warranty is transferrable if unit is sold.

Weight Weight will vary due to holster dimension variances.

Carry Right or Left Handed with user changeout of mounting hardware.

holster Includes:


CLIP Retention System. (Additional accessories available in accessories section of store.)

  • Model: ckcghciwbhgaclb

Ben M.
5 of 5 Stars
Terrific Holster! Finally found a good holster for my (apprently) rare combo of Beretta & Streamlight. AND THE PRICE IS SO GOOD! I didn't quite match my color, and I bought a second one, and they're still cheaper together than the others I was looking at. I'm also impressed by how smooth the polish and finish on the edges are, excellent product!
John K.
5 of 5 Stars
Fabulous quality. The craftsmanship is excellent on my Kydex IWB Holster. It fits my Springfield XDE with CT CMR-206 Laser perfectly. I have the Black Carbon model. Very impressed. Great work from the guys in the Custom Holster Shop. Best holster I own. I ordered it the evening of May 20 and received it on May 28. Day after Memorial Day. It shipped on Friday May 24. Fast given it was custom made. As an Army Veteran 1969 - 1973 I was happy to receive it Day after Memorial Day. Thanks Guys.
Jamison M.
5 of 5 Stars
Great holster and quickly shipped even without being a "quick ship" item. It took 10 total days to get to WA State including a weekend and arriving on a Saturday. That beats any other custom item I've heard of! I got my holster for a Ruger SR9C plus the brand new Olight PL-Mini 2, pleasantly surprised that CKC even had this combination and this fast with how new the Olight is! I would have had to send the Olight in to anyone else. The kydex is thick and finished off well with no sharp edges (my prior holster was $35 and I had to file down the edges myself, for reference). The clip has the rear screw-hole elongated for adjustable cant, though you'll have to really tighten that screw down to keep it in place. The trigger coverage is flared out a bit to accommodate the light entering, but it's small and considering this is IWB I'm not worried about getting anything in there. Overall I'm very satisfied and this is instantly my favorite holster yet! Will be referring everyone I kno
Benjamin Simmons
5 of 5 Stars
Awesome holster for a great price, definitely gonna be a repeat customer.

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