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Custom Light Bearing Holster - OWB

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Product Features

  • Outside The Waistband Holster (OWB). Handmade Custom Crafted Holster. Specifically fit to your model sidearm.

  • Choose from our stock of available rail accessory options, OR choose to send yours in! Very useful for rare or hard to find lights/lasers.

  • Rugged OWB HD Belt Loops - Every new holster comes with our Rugged OWB HD Belt Loops.

  • Rugged Kydex Exterior. Impervious to moisture.

  • Solid lockup. Fast draw. Our holsters offer a positive click when holstering. You know its locked in tight, and will stay locked in. No matter what obstacles are in your way.

  • Universally spaced rivets for mounting various options. Belt clip or IWB soft loop compatible, OWB HD Belt Loops standard. Strong or weak side carry.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, and a Lifetime Warranty ensure your new holster will serve you for a lifetime. Warranty is transferrable.

  • Choice of over 30 different colors and finishes.

The CKC - OWB (Outside The Waistband) Light Bearing Holster

This is THE CKC custom OWB Holster. We have evolved our OWB holster through the input of our customers. Choose your color of holster, and your choice of hardware for a completely original and unique holster. All holsters are handmade, and hand finished, when you order. Edges are finished by hand to ensure no "hot spots", nothing to snag. Fit and finish is what you have come to expect from us.

Open muzzle end ensures easy debris removal. Muzzle end is protected, but left slightly open. Sidearm does not protrude from holster. *Can be customized upon request.

All CKC OWB Holsters can be worn with our HD OWB Loops, OR any other accessory that our universal mounting system can accept. Holsters can be used with two IWB soft loops, transitioning holster to IWB use, with molle lok for LBE, etc. HD Loops can be mounted traditionally, or upside down to facilitate even more concealment by wearing the holster higher on the belt line (using this method places bottom edge of holster at or near belt line). Minimizing revealment when crouching down, or a shirt rides up, etc.

RAIL ACCESSORY - Light/Laser - Choose from our stock of available lighting options, OR choose to send yours in! Custom light bearing holsters allow you to send in your light/laser for making your new holster (Very useful for rare or hard to find lights/lasers). Instructions provided in Order Confirmation Email.

Tired of the normal black or grey holster? You choose your colors, the print. When it's not being concealed, it's on the counter, on the night stand, why not have a holster that accentuates your sense of style and the weapon that you choose to carry! Don't be limited, any color, same price. Period.

cKc Custom. It makes a statement.

*Please use blue thread-lock on your hardware, once you've adjusted the holster to your specific carry preference. This allows you to dial it in, and lock it in.

*Note - All holsters currently have a turnaround of five (5) business days. Any shop backlog due to high order volume posted on top of front page.*

How do I order?

1 Choose The Appropriate Sidearm that the holster is for.

2 Choose desired holster color and accessories.

3 Thats it! Please note the current manufacturing times as we do make each and every holster, by hand, when you order it. Don't wait weeks or even months for your new holster. Current turn around times are 5 business days.



Material Rugged Kydex. Weather resistant aircraft grade. Rockwell hardness 94.

Lifetime warranty. Warranty is transferrable if unit is sold.

Weight Weight will vary due to holster dimension variances.

Carry Right or Left Handed specify with order.

holster Includes:


Standard Rugged OWB Belt Loops

  • Model: ckcghowbaclb

Christian Webb
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent quality, fit and finish. I'm pleasantly surprised the the thickness of the kydex and how well the holster fits my firearm (Ruger 9E with Streamlight TLR-3). The price was also much lower than other manufacturers. I don't see any reason to shop anywhere else - Cleveland Kydex will be getting all of my kydex holster business in the future.
Frankie Greely
4 of 5 Stars
I ordered a Custom Light Bearing Holster OWB.The holster is everything Cleveland Kydex said it would be! There was a mixup with the screws for belt loops, but after a short conversation with customer service they shipped the additional parts I needed! The lead times are longer than other companies (but I'm naturally impatient) but the product is well well worth the wait! Cleveland Kydex has went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and satisfied with my order! I would and will recommend them to any one looking for holsters and or sheaths!

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