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SOG Seal Pup Sheath


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I now have 3 of these Kydex sheaths from Cleveland Kydex Co. for my Seal Pup knives. This a great, well-designed product and a vast improvement over the standard sheath included with the Seal Pup. It clicks in securely but comes out cleanly and there isn't even a tension screw. There are 2 designs. The Traditional comes with polymer loops to secure to a belt/battle belt and the Slimline (my favorite) is made to be lashed to a backpack or Molle gear and less than half the size of their Traditional. Both are slim, come with a pin-size drainage hole (very nice!) and secure the knife by the meat of the blade with no scratches to the metal that I can see. I've taken the Slimline scuba-diving and lashed it to my BCD and have no rust on the rivets. The only possible negative is that the color/camo of this Kydex sheath can appear somewhat washed-out (must be their application process) and that may bother some but not me. Great tactical sheath and upgrade for your knife!
Date Added: 07/22/2019 by Tim Z.

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