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Second Skin shown along with sheath (Second skin is an accessory that can be purchased for your new sheath!)

A bolt on accessory that allows you to change the appearance (camouflage) of your sheath, while providing an additional layer of protection at the same time! Buy one perfect sheath for your blade and be done.

Let's say you are camping, and the camouflage look is a little too tactical, just snap on your second skin accessory, and you sheath is instantly transformed (Hint - Orange is great for camping). Want to blend in with the snow? No problem, we make a skin for that. Being deployed to an arid environment, and your sheath is black? No problem, we make a skin for that too! Why buy multiple sheaths when you can have one perfect sheath, and just swap out skins while protecting your investment? Second skin, it transforms your favorite sheath into many!

*Note - If you would like to purchase multiple skins, just add them to your cart one at a time selecting one color for each one. Skin price is the same for any size sheath. If you are purchasing multiple sheaths, just put a note in when placing your order, or contact customer service and we can help you.

**Note - Default skin mount is the right side of the sheath. If you require the opposite, please contact customer service.

  • Model: ckcksss

Devon Hunstmann
5 of 5 Stars
Awesome. Got this along with a custom sheath for my Marine Raider Bowie (Same knife they have pictured). I opted for orange (I think they call it hunter orange). Awesome skin for finding the knife in my bag, or in the tent at night. Love it.

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