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4" Custom Sheath

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Product Features

  • Handmade Custom Crafted Sheath. Specifically fit to your blade.

  • Rugged Kydex Exterior. Impervious to weather.

  • Solid lockup. Our sheaths offer a positive click when inserting blade into sheath. You know its locked in tight, and will stay locked in. No matter what obstacles are in your way.

  • Universally spaced rivets for mounting various options. Molle compatible, Tek Lok compatible, Belt Loops standard. Strong or weak side carry.

  • Drain hole on reverse side for moisture drainage. Drain hole is at bottom of blade portion on hidden side, but not on bottom of sheath. This eliminates debris getting into it when kneeling for firecraft or other activities.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, and a Lifetime Warranty ensure your new sheath will serve you for a lifetime. Warranty is transferrable.

  • Choice of over 30 different colors and finishes.

  • Optional second skin can mount on universal rivets to change appearance, and offer further protection.

The CKC original. Our rugged custom kydex sheath. This sheath features a minimalist design. Retention of the blade is handled by the Kydex, and features a positive click when sheathing. Spacing of the fasteners is standard so that you can change from a belt loop option, to molle compatible for your LBE or pack. The hardware can also be changed from side to side to accommodate either right or left hand carry as your needs might change given your desired loadout. Available mouting hardware includes Tek Lok, Molle Lok (shown), or belt loops.

*All traditional style sheaths come with our HD Belt Loops included. Molle shown in picture is to show universal mounting options. Molle, and other attachments can be purchased in the accessories sections, and allows you to turn one sheath into many. Slimline sheaths require mounting accessories available in accessory section if desired.

Second Skin shown along with sheath (Second skin is an accessory that can be purchased for your new sheath!) A bolt on accessory that allows you to change the appearance (camouflage) of your sheath, while providing an additional layer of protection at the same time! Buy one perfect sheath for your blade and be done. Let's say you are camping, and the camouflage look is a little too tactical, just snap on your second skin accessory, and you sheath is instantly transformed (Hint Orange is great for camping). Want to blend in with the snow? No problem, we make a skin for that. Being deployed to an arid environment, and your sheath is black? No problem, we make a skin for that too! Why buy multiple sheaths when you can have one perfect sheath, and just swap out skins while protecting your investment? Second skin, it transforms your favorite sheath into many!

*Sheaths will retain the same design regardless of length. Since some knives have a guard, and handles are different, accurately representing every knife in a picture becomes impossible. Your new sheath will look exactly as the one pictured only changing to accommodate the top of the handle for purposes of retention. A few product images provided to illustrate design of sheath.

How do I order?

1 Measure your blade length and choose length of sheath

2 Choose desired sheath color and accessories

3 Thats it! Once you checkout, you will be provided a ship to address for your blade as part of your order confirmation. Once we receive your blade, we will custom fit your new sheath to your blade. Please note that length choice is approximate. If you make a mistake, it's OK. If needed, we can always contact you for clarification. When measuring, measure from handle to blade tip. You do not need to take into account the portion that will overlap the handle for retention. If the measurement is close, choose next size up.



Length Length chosen should include extra and will be trimmed down for a custom fit to each blade.

Lifetime warranty. Warranty is transferrable if unit is sold.

Material Rugged Kydex. Weather resistant aircraft grade. Rockwell hardness 94.

Weight Weight will vary due to knife dimension variances.

Sheath Includes:

Carry Right or Left Handed with user changeout of mounting hardware. Can also be mounted to molle with accessories, or with standard sheath with use of hollowed out 550 cord.


Traditional style sheath - Belt loops included (Additional accessories available)

Slimline style sheath - No belt loops included (Mounting accessories available in accessory section)

  • Model: ckcdks4

Kevin Wharton
5 of 5 Stars
Just received my 5th sheath from CKC as well as a mag holder for a .45 ACP single stack. Like the other products I purchased from CKC these were high quality, over engineered and priced below their true value. I was especially impressed with the mag holder. It was adjustable for tension release as well as belt width and height. I've seen several models of mag holders from various companies, none of which compare in design or adaptability to the CKC mag holder. As far as I'm concerned, I will never have to scour the net for any of my future holster, sheath or mag holder products. Thanks again CKC.
glenn davis
5 of 5 Stars
ordered a custom 4 in. sheath for my snody black diamond boss.....very, very nice.the turnaround time was incredible and customer service is awesome. great job guys ..... I will be back. thanks again,glenn davis
Kevin Wharton
5 of 5 Stars
I bought a 4 inch sheath for my Benchmade Nim Cub II. This knife is discontinued and was lucky enough to find one on line. The knife is great but the sheath was crap. I was searching on line for a sheath and found Cleveland Kydex Co. I was able to live chat with a rep. and had all my questions and concerns addressed (I am leary of sending my sepensive knives to anyone). I sent my knife and had it back inside a week. I was extremely impressed with quality and strength of the design. It had twice the rivets of any other sheath I saw online. I sent two more knives that same day for custom sheaths. My Benchmade Nimvarous and Schrade SCHF9 were back in hands in a little over a week. If you are not familiar with the Schrade SCHF9, it is a bruiser of a knife with 1/4 inch thick steel blade that weighs in at a pound plus. I ordered the Molly Lok option to mount on a pack. It came with two belt loops included to switch out for belt carry if desired. You have multiple options where to mount the
Jim Garnes
4 of 5 Stars
I had a small sheath custom made for a nice knife that I have had for a long time. I don't have to worry about the sheath getting wet when I canoe anymore. Thanks guys! I will call on you again when I need another! Very fast ship times too. I expect this will last me a lifetime.

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