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Paracord - US Made 550 Cord - OD Green

  • Model: ckcpc550-163-119-10

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Product Features

  • 7 nylon strand inner - 550 pound test paracord!

  • Perfect for lashing your pounch to your sheath.

  • Outstanding for survival bracelets, backpacking, hiking, 72 hour kits and emergency car kits.

  • This bundle is 10 feet.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Color – OD Green

Made in USA! At the CKC we only sell American Made 550 cord. Great for a myriad of uses. 550 cord is also the way we affix our pouches to our sheaths universal mounting system if we need to carry an accessory pouch with fire making tools, compass, lights, anything that we always want with us, AND our knife. Always good to have a hank on hand, just in case, as well. Sold in convenient lengths of 10 feet.

Many applications!

Shoe Laces



Wraps for handles

Key chains


Bottle carriers

Dog Leashes

And so much more!


Package Includes:

Length Sold in convenient hanks of 10ft length.

Qty-1 - 10ft hank of 550 pound test US Made Paracord in chosen color.

Material 7 strand Nylon inner 550 pound test American Made Paracord.

Weight .06lbs

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