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Product Features

  • Handmade Custom Crafted Blade Guard. Specifically fit to axe head.

  • Rugged Kydex Exterior. Impervious to weather.

  • Simple one handed deployment! Simply pull axe from guard with one hand.

  • Solid lockup. Our axe sheaths offer positive retention when inserting the blade of the axe into the guard. With the included US Made 550 Paracord lanyard, you know its locked in tight, and will stay locked in. No matter what obstacles are in your way.

  • Universally spaced rivets for mounting various options on all sides (Our universal mounting system is built right in). Perfect for retention lanyard, and for lashing.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, and a Lifetime Warranty ensure your new Blade Guard will serve you for a lifetime. Warranty is transferrable.

  • Optional second skin, and other accessories, can mount on universal rivets to change appearance, and offer further protection.

Our rugged kydex axe Blade Guard.

The Blade Guard features a minimalist design. Retention of the blade is handled by the Kydex, and supplied US Made 550 Paracord lanyard, and features positive retention when sheathing. Axe or hatchet can be removed with one hand. Immediately at the ready.

All Blade Guards will maintain the same universal design. They will only change near the bottom portion in order to facilitate proper retention and blade protection, and to allow one handed deployment.

*Sheaths DO NOT come with belt loops or other mounting hardware. Most of our customers lash their axe sheaths to their pack using 550 cord, or store them inside. For mounting options, please visit the accessory section.

*Sheaths will retain the same design regardless of axe or hatchet, only portion near the handle will change to allow proper retention, and one handed deployment. The same holds true for tomahawks, hatchets, Michigan style axes, etc.



Length Length is normally about 1 inch longer than axe head on all sides to accommodate tip protection, and to comply with universal mounting specifications.

Lifetime warranty. Warranty is transferrable if unit is sold.

Material Rugged Kydex. Weather resistant aircraft grade. Rockwell hardness 94.

Weight Weight will vary due to axe head dimension variances.

Blade Guard Includes:

Carry Right or Left Handed with user changeout of mounting hardware. Can also be mounted to molle with accessories, or with standard sheath with use of hollowed out 550 cord. All accessories can be changed out by user at home with the use of a screwdriver. *We also recommend using a drop of blue loctite on all screws to finish things up.

Blade Guard

Color All available colors listed.

Genuine US Made 550 Paracord for lanyard use – Securing blade into guard.

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