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FAQ - Custom Products - Time Quotes

Q) - Will my custom order take exactly the time quoted?

A) - Probably, but sometimes maybe not.

Custom work is just that. It requires craftsmanship, and creativity. Although we keep our process as efficient as possible, we will NEVER rush the creative process, and we think that is how you want it. After all, if not, you would be purchasing a stamped, mass-produced product, not something that was labored over, and cared for throughout it's design process. All of our custom products adhere to our general design, and therefore, can be warrantied for our legendary toughness, but each knife is unique. As is each sidearm, and or magazine design. It's purpose is unique. It's sheath or holster should hold this same quality. Those subtle nuances might take a bit more time from knife to knife, or pistol to pistol. That quality takes craftsmanship. So although we understand that going a day or two over can be tough (we hate waiting for cool stuff in the mail too), just think, it will serve you for a lifetime, and you'll be glad that we paid the extra attention, and put our stamp of approval on it. Besides, the guys doing the work hate it when we rush them ;).

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