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FAQ – Can a new knife being purchased ship to you for a sheath?

Q - FAQ – Can I have a new knife being purchased shipped directly to you to have a sheath made?

AYes. Not only is it possible, but VERY common with our return customers. They normally purchase blades, and have them shipped directly to us. This saves on time and cost. The process is simple;

1 - Configure the desired sheaths online according to the instructions here for a CUSTOM SHEATH;

2 - Order the knives from desired retailer. As the shipping address for the knife or knives, use the address listed at top of your order confirmation email that is received once the order has been placed on the website. (PLEASE ENSURE that the same name is on the package that will be received by our Receiving Dept., as is on the order placed within our system.)

Our Support Team will take care of the rest! Once the items are received and scanned in for custom hand fitment, the system will auto-notify via email address on account for order. The system will auto-update at each stage as well via email, finally with tracking information upon completion for shipment.

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