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What our customers are saying

I have tried many other holsters from various companies out there. I decided to order through your company after handling my good friends that he ordered from you. The quality and fit was perfect. The time you put into making the holster look and feel is outstanding. Thank you for making a amazing product, and I will forever continue to order holsters through your company. - MO

I love the looks and feel of this sheath. - DL

Id like to say I have gotten excellent customer service from the online rep. - TT

Just found yur guys site and I just wanna say that I realy appreciate what you're doing here! Great made in the USA products are hard to find anymore. I just odered a sheath for 1 of my knives and plan on sending at least 1 more in to you for custom fabbing - EE

You made a number of sheaths got my Schlage blades in FDE Spring. I would love to match then with an IWB holster for my new CCW piece. - TW

love your product - JH

Hello love the stryker defender tool sheath and my ferro rod holder - FE

All good you have gone out of your way to ensure my satisfaction. The two function exactly the same. If all businesses were as adapt our country might return to actually producing. Will send as soon as i can. And once I have some pennies saved will send my Tops M4X for your service. - J

Thank you very functional system. In the pouch an Esee fire starter capsule and a shotgun shell for the black powder. Which really helps in rainy situations. ... all who have seen this combo love it. So once situated I will have many more requests for your service. - JE

Hello, I am a 1SG with the xth Special Forces Group in Afghanistain and I am trying to order one of your holsters. Do you ship to APO Address. I purchased one of your holsters befor I left for my 1911 and I love it. Now I would like to get one for my M9 I am carring over here. - JF

Again you guys have the best support I've ever seen. Been passing your company name to everyone who might be even remotely interested in your products. Glad you are busy... - B

You have OUTSTANDING customer service. - B

Love the sheath. - B

The sheath is absolutely spectacular. It is so tight that losing it would be virtually impossible. That being said i'm going to wear it horizontal cross-draw ... I LOVE the sheath, and wouldn't trade it for anything. - BM

I have fallen in love with your Work ... I wish you guys the best and keep up the great customer care and workmanship. - AT

A plus-plus for your customer service. ... Again, I want to emphasize the fact that the sheath is fantastic. ...Look forward to carrying this thing after 43 years of it lying in a drawer. ... It's been a pleasure. If I ever get to Ohio anywhere near where you are I'll send a text, and maybe I cant get in and say hello. And, have a beer (if you drink beer.) Thanks to the technician who made the sheath. - B

I purchased one of your custom sheaths for my Schrade SCHF-10. I appreciated the quality of the product, as well as the fact that it is made in the USA. - SD

We think it is a quality product and will include it in a review. - SD

Recieved it.  Very nice. Thank You.  He Loves it!!! - SV

I have one of your sheaths for my KABAR and love it - SK

Thankyou again you guys are awesome - JP

You are the best!  thank you and you have a customer for life.  I'll spread the word that you product is awesome. - BS

Please know, I am very satisfied with the sheath - TW

Love your sheaths - M

I received one of your holsters recently for a K-Frame Smith & Wesson with a 3 inch barrel. I love it! - WG

Perfect! And no xxxx, thank you! I will be sure to give you guys 5stars and write a cool review. Pleasure doing business with you. - G

Hi Guys - Thanks for the Mora 2/0 sheath - A

The product looks beautiful and very well made. I'm sure it will exceed expectations. And I would do well to recommend your services to others interested. - MB

What a beauty. Well made, rugged, dependable, made by American craftsman in America! It is great to see a small business thriving in today's economy. I love it. - HN

Gents, Ok, got the sheath, and it is outstanding. Thanks you! - M

you guys made a sheath for a friend of mine and he really loves it I would like a sheath made for both of my knives - MR

Love the sheath, worth the wait. It will compliment my duty belt. - CL

Good morning, love the sheath. - C

We received the Kershaw echo sheath and it fits and my husband loves it. thank you very much and you'll did a great job God Bless - HE

Thanks again for everything xxxx, you guys have been a real top notch outfit for this whole process, and for what it's worth, you have my recommendation with everyone I know. - DD

Awesome thank you! - JC

Received my sheath today, that was quick thanks. - BH

I will be using your products and referring friends to use/try your products!! - KM

Received my order today. Very pleased with the quality and retention if the gun holster. Nice work. - SR

I have purchased two sheaths from you folks. They are for some pretty large knives. I have one with holes on the blade side only and one with holes on both sides. ... Thank you again for all you do! - JB

I have four of your OWB holsters and love them - BL

Thanks for the followup. I got the sheath and love it! To my surprise, it also fits my Ontario Knives RAT 7! You had previously made a pancake version of your product for my RAT but now I have a much-preferred-by-me Taco version that I can share with the Schrade when I go camping. BONUS! Thanks for the great product! - CM

I am a repeat customer and love your work! - CM

You will be getting more business from me in the future.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the sheath I received - AG

Just received the sheath. ... That is above an beyond what is expected. - RC

Thanks, I won¹t forget you guys. I love my kydex sheath. - JJ

Love you guys! Thanks. - RH

I received the sheath for my Schrade today order number: xXxX. This is my 3rd sheath from you and I'm pleased with them all. - RA

Thank you!!! Like I mentioned, I have the KaBar warthog in your quick ship slimline sheath and also the SCHF9 in your quick ship universal sheath. ... You all do the best work! I show my sheaths off to everyone I now and tell them where to get the best sheaths and kydex products! Thank you again! - JB

They are amazing sheaths! I truly love everything about them! - J

I am really liking your product ... Thank you, - T

I love the sheath and will be using it tomorrow when I hit the woods .. I will be ordering a sheath for my Big Brother KBAR very soon .. Thanks again for such a great product - TL

I love your holster. - AS

All set Love the custom kydex sheath and the molle-lok. Both works great with my backpack. - D

I received my sheath for my Kabar BK10. ... I love my new sheath - NR

I love your products and look forward to your future products - CO

I recently purchased a holster for my M9 and I love it... - MH

Thank you xXxX, and the rest of the Kydex Team! Just got my knife back today, and I gotta say; y'all exceeded my expectations! I love the sheath and I really like the way you did the clip! Couldn't be happier! Thank you very much!!! - JM

First I want to tell you how much I love your products - JA

Hello, I absolutely love Cleveland Kydex products. I had a few of them and have ordered more as gifts for my loved ones. Not to mention that your customer service is stellar. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to chat with a customer service rep that is actually human (not an answering machine), pleasant, willing to help customers and answer their questions. - AP

I'm extremely satisfied with the holster. ... The quality and craftsmanship of your product is outstanding!! ... I thank you guys so very much for producing quality and affordable holsters and magazine retainers.- JB

I love the holster and I think it fit my needs (lite bearing IWB $59.99) G19 w/ streamlight TLR-s. - CB

I have a lot of friends that have types of holsters from this company and they love it. - IS

I currently have a Cleveland Kydex OWB holster (and love it!) for my Kahr CM9 pistol. I am considering upgrading to a PM9 or an MK9. - RW

Hello, Several months ago I bough a OWB holster for my H&K USP full size. First I wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic holster! The quality and craftsmanship is perfect and better then I could have asked ... - NW

Hello.  My wife, ... ordered me a knife sheath for my Buck Reaper and I love it. - BL

It really looks great on the pack! The knife is totally secure in the sheath. Thank you for a great product. - TW

I love your products and look forward to your future products. - CO

I love these updates! Thank you! - KM

I received the merchandise this week. The gun holster fit perfect. - RC

The kydex looks amazing, very sharp. Slid right in and fit perfectly. Very expert fit to the gun with the accessory attached. - DD

I received my order it's perfect - RA

The quality of everything I have bought from your company is amazing. - DS

Thank you very much you all have been wonderful you will be getting future business from me - PR

Thanks again. I do appreciate a company that represents their product as you do. - WS

I love my sheath!! It's a good, nice, hard fit. It's retention is even better than I thought it would be. Thank you - S

Wow awesome service!!! - CA

I have two of your knife sheaths and love the quality - L

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