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FAQ - I want a sheath for a specific axe

Q - I want a sheath for a specific axe

A - There are two options;

Option #1 - Custom Axe/Hatchet/Tomahawk Sheath - Pricing is very simple, We have one standard price for custom axe sheaths. In order to form your custom sheath to perfectly fit the axe, it is hand fitted to the exact axe. Therefore, after checkout, our ship to address is included in the order confirmation. This is where the axe needs to be sent. Once it is received, our system will send out an automated email notification updating you that we have received it, and are beginning sheath fabrication. Another email notification is also sent out, by the system, once the axe and your new sheath ship back to you, along with tracking information so that you know where it is at all times, and when to expect shipment.

Option #2 - Quick Ship Custom Axe Sheath - We do carry a number of axes/tomahawks/hatchets in inventory due to popularity, or popular demand. This inventory is constantly growing. Model numbers are always of the current production year, unless otherwise noted. Please check our Quick Ship Axe Sheath section to see if your model is currently in our inventory. If it is, then you do not have to ship your item to us in order for us to make your new custom sheath. We have these models in stock in order to make shopping even quicker, and more convenient for our customers.

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